Statements on Racism and Black Support From Tabletop Gaming Companies

A collection of statements about racism and support of the Black community from the tabletop gaming industry. If you have seen any that we are missing, please contact us, as we will continue to update this.— IELLO USA (@IelloUSA) June 2, 2020

Racism has no place at our table. We stand with our Black partners, creators, customers, and community.

Today and every day we support equality and justice for all.#blackouttuesday— Renegades: Join Us at Renegade Con Happening Now! (@PlayRenegade) June 2, 2020— Dungeons & Dragons (@Wizards_DnD) June 2, 2020— Restoration Games (@RestorationGame) June 1, 2020— Funko (@OriginalFunko) June 1, 2020

We stand together.— MATTEL (@Mattel) June 1, 2020

In solidarity of #amplifymelanatedvoices we will be muting our content until June 7th to give access for Black voices to be heard so we can continue to listen and further our learning.— Spin Master (@SpinMaster) June 2, 2020

Geekway stands in support of protesters working to make their voices heard. We support the end of police brutality and the dismantling of systemic racism. We believe that #blacklivesmatter. (1/4)— Geekway (@Geekway) June 2, 2020

Part of our mission is to bring friends and family together through the medium of board games. Friends and Family are inclusive, as we value diversity in our world. We stand firm against racism and injustice of any kind in order to assure that everyone has a seat at our table.— Capstone Games | Riding the Rails (@Capstone_Games) June 2, 2020

All of us at Magpie Games stand with the protestors fighting against police brutality. Black lives matter. Power w/o accountability always leads to injustice.

Black leaders in gaming are speaking out. Follow them: @BGGameWorks @OmariAkil @eric_lang @EloytheSaint— Magpie Games (@MagpieOfficial) June 1, 2020

We here at Greater Than Games oppose injustice. Black lives matter. Until there is justice for all, can there really be justice at all?#BlackLivesMatter— Greater Than Games (@GTGamesLLC) June 1, 2020

We at Deep Water Games stand for fighting racial injustice. We stand with the protesters. We stand for a country united, where our people and communities do not have to fear for their lives every day. Our hearts are broken, but our spirits are not.— Deep Water Games @ Home (@DeepWaterGames) June 1, 2020

We encourage our fans to make donations to the NAACP as well, if you are able. You can do so at this link:  

As many of our contemporaries in the community have stated, we stand for fighting racial injustice.— Japanime Games – Tanto Cuore 10th Anniversary soon (@JapanimeGames) June 2, 2020

Today we stand with #blackouttuesday. We’re listening— Starling Games (@StarlingGames) June 2, 2020— Leder Games (@LederGames) June 2, 2020— Van Ryder Games (@VanRyderGames) June 2, 2020— Button Shy Games (@buttonshy) June 2, 2020— Panda Game Manufacturing (@pandagm) June 2, 2020

In this time of unrest in the United States, we stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. It is far too easy to look at the current events unfolding and choose to remain silent, simply because we are not ourselves black. But we choose to not remain silent…— Board&Dice (@BoardAndDice) June 2, 2020— GoliathGamesUS (@GoliathGamesUS) June 2, 2020

We are going silent on social media because there are more important voices that need to be heard.#BlackLivesMatter— Plaid Hat Games (@PlaidHatGames) June 2, 2020

We at Floodgate Games oppose injustice. Black Lives Matter. This is not a political stance — this is about humanity.— Floodgate Games (@FloodgateGames) June 2, 2020— Chip Theory Games (@ChipTheoryGames) June 1, 2020— Pandasaurus Games (@Pandasaurusgame) June 2, 2020— Keymaster Games (@KeymasterGames) June 2, 2020— FFGames (@FFGames) June 3, 2020— Asmodee USA (@Asmodee_USA) June 3, 2020— Z-Man Games (@Zmangames_) June 3, 2020

This is not really a post from Dispel. It’s from me.

I don’t have the solutions to anything, but if you have not already & have the ability to donate, here is a link:— DISPEL DICE (@dispeldice) June 3, 2020

Black Lives Matter.

PAX is a community, and as community leaders we stand in solidarity with those who march against police violence and the system that allows it to continue. As part of this, we’re making a donation to Black Lives Matter.— PAX (@pax) June 3, 2020— Gen Con (@Gen_Con) June 3, 2020

#BlackLivesMatter We need to do better, and that includes us here at BoardGameGeek. We are committed to growing the BGG team to include more diverse voices and perspectives. 1/2— BoardGameGeek (@BoardGameGeek) June 1, 2020— Steve Jackson Games (@SJGames) June 4, 2020

LooneyLabs will always spread the word of Peace over War, and Love over Hate, and we absolutely believe that Black Lives Matter. Here is a collage featuring 27 beautiful POC, as they appear on cards in various games we have published. #BlackLivesMatter— Looney Labs (@LooneyLabs) June 4, 2020

#BlackLivesMatter— Paizo (@paizo) June 4, 2020— Jamey Stegmaier (@jameystegmaier) June 2, 2020

Black Lives Matter. 

Our statement:— roll20app (@roll20app) June 5, 2020— CMON (@CMONGames) June 5, 2020

We’d like to state our position here at Ludology.— Ludology (@LudologyPod) June 6, 2020

AEG cannot, and will not, remain silent at this moment in history. We must stand witness to what we see and what we know and we must act on that knowledge.#BlackLivesMatter— Alderac (@alderac) June 5, 2020

Black lives matter. We’ve donated $5,000 to the ACLU and $5,000 to Black Lives Matter. We’re also taking time to reflect on how we can make positive change both within in our company and within our industry. #blackouttuesday— Ravensburger North America (@RavensburgerNA) June 2, 2020— Gamewright (@Gamewright) June 10, 2020

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