Maple Games Dismisses Founder and President Daryl Andrews

Daryl Andrews, founder and president of Maple Games, was let go from the company on April 16. Andrews announced the news in a public Facebook post.

“All journeys must come to an end. I am so thankful to so many people for the adventure of Maple Games. However, I have some sad news to share. I was let go from Maple on Tuesday and I am no longer serving as President. Instead I will be referred to as Founder,” Andrews said.

Andrews, a prolific game designer and developer, founded the company with creative director Peter Wocken in 2018. Canadian corporation documents list Tanguy Vincent Serra, Fred Levinger and Daryl Andrews as directors of the company.

Serra is listed as the Chairman of Kolossal Games on his Linkedin page. Both Maple Games and Kolossal had games suspended by Kickstarter this week.

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