Martin Wallace and Eagle-Gryphon Games Settle Long Standing Dispute Over Age of Steam

Game designer Martin Wallace and Eagle-Gryphon Games have agreed to terms to settle a long-standing dispute over the rights to Age of Steam. Eagle recently Kickstarted a new deluxe edition of the classic game.

In a statement Wallace said:

Hi Folks,

Good news, Rick and I have made an agreement. The following is an officially agreed press release. From my point of view I am now happy with EGG proceeding with Age of Steam.

1. Whatever disputes about Age of Steam that may have existed in the past have now been resolved to both parties’ satisfaction.

2. I will no longer dispute that Eagle-Gryphon Games (EGG) is the proper successor in interest to Eagle Games, the entity I signed a Purchase Agreement with in March, 2005 conveying various ownership rights to Age of Steam; Struggle of Empires; and a game to be designed at a later date.

3. I have conveyed whatever rights I might have in Age of Steam free and clear to EGG.

4. I will not dispute that EGG is the sole and exclusive holder and owner of the rights to Struggle of Empires, Railroad Tycoon (later named Railways of the World), and Railways of England and Wales (later named Railways of Great Britain) – games that I conveyed to Eagle Games. 

5. I also give my permission to Eagle-Gryphon Games (EGG) to use my name in relation to the Age of Steam (AOS) game at EGG’s discretion (e.g., on the box cover; on the rules; in advertising and marketing including press releases regarding Age of Steam; and specifically in any Kickstarter campaign, updates, comments, etc.). I realize that they are under no obligation to use my name on the AOS box or otherwise and that is perfectly okay with me.

6. I will no longer speak or write ill of Eagle-Gryphon Games, in public or in private. I will write no more BGG threads or on any other similar forum negative comments about EGG, as I have no basis to continue to do so. EGG has agreed to reciprocate. In short, we are both ready to put this behind us and move forward with our respective projects. 

7. I encourage everyone with an interest in the present Age of Steam Deluxe campaign running on Kickstarter to pledge and support that production and not to feel that some obligation to me prevents them from doing so. 

Martin Wallace

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