Private Equity Firm Invests $6.5 million in Steamforged Games

Foresight Group, a UK private equity company, have made a $6.5 million investment into Steamforged Games.

Rich Loxam and Mat Hart founded Steamforged games in 2014 to publish their sports-based miniature game, Guild Ball. Since then, they have developed a portfolio of games based on both original and licensed IP.

Their first licensed game based on the hit video game Dark Souls sold more than 100,000 units globally. The company has also developed and released a tabletop game based Resident Evil 2. Steamforged have worked with Bandai Namco, Capcom and Sony.

Foresight says the investment will support new product development. Eight additional games are in production or development for the next 24 months. The investment will also support the development of retail channels and help accelerate international growth.

Foresight have facilitated the appointment of Ian Livingstone, Co-founder of Games Workshop, as a Non-executive Director. Forsight manager Ben Dawson will also join the board.

“Steamforged has grown beyond all of our expectations over the last five years and Foresight’s investment gives us the scope to drive the business forward in the years to come,” said Rich Loxam, CEO of Steamforged.

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