Origins Awards Implements Changes for 2020

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design have made some changes to the Origins Awards for 2020.

The organization will add ‘Digital Adaptation of a Physical Game’ as a new category. They have also brought back the ‘Historical Game’ and ‘Historical Miniatures Game’ categories. 

‘Game of the Year’ will still be awarded, but will be voted on by active GAMA members. Members will choose a single winner from all the nominees in the physical game categories. 

Fan Favorite awards will be selected for each category by Origins Game Fair attendees. Attendees will cast votes in a mobile application launching in 2020.

Origins Award Categories 2020

  • Board Game
  • Card Game
  • Collectible Game
  • Digital Adaptation of a Physical Game (NEW)
  • Family Game
  • Historical Game (BROUGHT BACK)
  • Historical Miniatures Game (BROUGHT BACK)
  • Miniatures Game
  • Role-Playing Game
  • Game Accessory

Nominated titles will be displayed at the foyer at the foot of the escalators leading from the Hyatt. 

Juries for the 2020 awards will be unified. A single jury will select nominations rather than individual juries for each award. Members will be encouraged to nominate products within the categories they have the most expertise in. Jury membership will be from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. 

“A unified jury with a single line of communication will simplify the nomination process and allow for input from all jury members, providing a holistic list of final nominees,” the Academy said in the announcement. 

Submissions for the 2020 Origins Awards cycle are currently open. Publishers can submit products until November 16. Products must have been released between November 15, 2018 and November 14, 2019.

The top five nominees in each category will be announced March 12 at the Origins Awards Showcase at the GAMA Trade Show. Winners will be announced at the Origins Game Fair on June 20. 

The 2020 award ceremony will bring back the complimentary seating for Origins attendees.

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