New Crowdfunding Platform ‘Loot Launcher’ Debuts with Help from WizKids, NECA

The Loot Company, formally known as Loot Crate, have debuted a new crowdfunding platform, Loot Launcher, at the New York Comic-Con. The platform allows fans to back collectibles and product bundles curated by brands, personalities, movie directors and influencers. Projects that hit their minimum backer goals by the deadline will move into production. 

The platform launched with campaigns from NECAWizkidsKidrobot. Which should be no surprise as NECA, which owns Wizkids and Kidrobot, helped purchased Loot Crate out of bankruptcy last month. 

Loot Launcher’s inaugural campaigns will close out on November 17 and the products, if successfully backed by the deadline, are expected to ship to buyers in the Spring 2020 season.

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