Kylie Prymus Appointed to GAMA Retail Division Board

Kylie Prymus has been appointed to the GAMA Retail Division (GRD) board seat left open when John Stephens resigned last month to join IELLO USA

Prymus purchased Games Unlimited in Pittsburgh in 2015, after working there for four years. He previously taught philosophy. 

“I look forward to working with the GRD to help our retail membership grow and prosper, particularly as we look to new ways to keep our customers engaged during these challenging times,” he said.

GRD board secretary Jennifer Ward said, “We received a wide range of applicants for the open position, each with their own expertise and benefits. The decision was not made lightly, and included hours of debate among the existing slate of officers.”

Prymus said the decision to apply was not an easy one, but the GAMA Board election last month had given him hope that change is happening. 

“As a bi-racial Person of Color, I was raised to exist in both predominantly black and predominately white spaces and that has given me a unique perspective that I believe can help the GRD Board. Moving forward I hope that the Board will keep a keen eye toward helping retailers make their spaces as inclusive as possible,” he said.

Prymus was also interested in changing the narrative of what a game store could be. “In the past decade we have seen the rise of several new types of game retailers, such as the gaming cafe model, hybrid tabletop and video gaming stores, and stores finding new product lines adjacent to gaming such as comics, outdoor game/sport equipment, and puzzles,” he said.

GAMA (The Game Manufacturers Association) is the largest trade organization representing the tabletop industry. The GAMA Retail Division Board is comprised of:

Dawn Studebaker, Chair
Erik Bigglestone, Vice Chair
Jennifer Ward, Secretary
John Coviello
Josh Fohrman
Dave Salisbury
Kylie Prymus

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