Industry Distances Itself from Game Designer JR Honeycutt after Allegations of Sexual Abuse

The tabletop industry quickly distanced itself from game designer JR Honeycutt after allegations of sexual abuse were levied by industry professional and former girlfriend Victoria Mann on Medium.

Mann alleges Honeycutt physically and mentally abused her over the course of their relationship.

Although Honeycutt appeared to take down his social media at first, he did respond to the allegations on his Facebook page.

Honeycutt is a co-founder in Waitress Games, a consultancy that also runs game design retreats. On his LinkedIn account, he lists himself as Tinker-in-Chief for Restoration Games from May 2017 to May 2019. He was a founding member and co-host of the now defunct Nerd Nighters, an organization that produced a weekly YouTube show and ran events at Gen Con.

Honeycutt has also worked on some popular game titles including: Fireball Island, Dinosaur Tea Party, Machi Koro Legacy and Unmatched.

But companies and individuals quickly took to social media to distance themselves from the designer.

BoardGameGeek said Honeycutt has been removed from the speaker list at the Tabletop Network game design event to be held at BGG Con on November 18. The company also announced his BGG Con badge has been revoked.

Restoration games, where Honeycutt worked on Fireball Island and Dinosaur Tea Party said, while the designer did do contract work for them, that work ended six months ago. They also said he doesn’t receive any royalties or future compensation from that work, and that they will not work with him in the future.

Formal Ferret owner Gil Hova, known for The Networks and Wordsy, said in a Tweet that Honeycutt’s services on a design project the two were working on was no longer needed.

“Sexual harassment and abuse has no place in the world, and especially not in our hobby. We must support the brave people, and especially the brave women, who risk everything to step forward and tell us what they lived through,” said Hova.

Long time associate Rob Daviau of Restoration games said while he has worked with Honeycutt on projects, he has not had a personal or professional relationship with him for the last six month. Daviau said he would no long work with Honeycutt, and would donate a portion of his royalties for Machi Koro Legacy, a game they both worked on, to a charity that focuses on abuse.

This story has been corrected to properly identify Victoria as an industry professional and to include a response from JR Honeycutt.

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