GAMA Candidates Withdraw From Board Elections

EDIT: This story has been edited to include new candidates announced on Monday, June 15.

Fertessa Allyse, a game designer and content creator, Nicole Brady, publisher at SAHM Reviews, Alan Hochman, Pastimes Comics & Games, GamerMats and Heather O’Neill, an owner at 9th Level Games, have withdrawn their nominations for the upcoming GAMA board elections.

Hochman, a current Director at Large, said he decided to withdraw due to wanting to focus on his business and family.

“My only real comment about the board and the current situation is that I hope people can figure out a way to make things work out – a new way for sure – and that anyone who believes there should be a change should consider running for a position next week,” Hochman said in an email.

“Anyone interested should understand what they are getting themselves into from a time and energy standpoint as well as the assortment of restrictions being part of a non-profit holds. It can certainly be rewarding, but also frustrating. I look forward to seeing what some of the great new energy will bring.”

None of the other candidates gave Tabletop Wire an immediate reason for withdrawing. Jeremy Salinas of Man vs Meeple was added to the list of candidates.

GAMA has been under increasing criticism over the last week for their lack of public support for the Black community. The issue was brought to the forefront after many of the hosts, guests, companies, and technical staff of Origins Online walked out on the show on Wednesday due to the lack action from the organization.

A statement of support was eventually made late in the evening after an emergency session of the Board. In the statement GAMA announced it would be cancelling Origins Online, the virtual event they planned in place of the in-person event.

Board elections will take place June 16 via Zoom. Candidates can be nominated “from the floor.” The remaining candidates include.

Vice President
Andrew Chesney, Chip Theory Games
Chris Spivey, Darker Hue Studios

Gary Alaka, Gap Closer Games

Director At Large (2 positions are available)
Gary Alaka, Gap Closer Games
Edward Linder, AVI-SPL
Adam McCrimmon, XYZ Game Labs
Jeff Pinsker, Amigo Games
Jeremy Salinas, Man vs Meeple
Chris Spivey, Darker Hue Studios

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