Darker Hues Studios CEO Chris Spivey Elected GAMA Vice President

GAMA publishing and manufacturing members elected Darker Hues Studios Founder and CEO Chris Spivey as Vice President of the organization yesterday at their annual membership meeting. Spivey bested candidate Andrew Chesney of Chip Theory Games.

The meeting was held on Zoom due to the cancellation of Origins over concerns relating to the pandemic. Spivey takes over for Anne-Marie De Witt of Fireside Games, who did not run for reelection.

Spivey is a veteran, writer, game designer and developer. His game Harlem Unbound won three Gold ENnie Awards and the IGDN Groundbreaker Award. He is the line developer for Onyx Path’s Masks of Mythos. His next self-published project will be Haunted West.

Spivey has also contributed to Cthulhu Confidential, 7th Sea: Land of Fire and Gold, Geist 2nd Edition, Trail of Cthulhu: Out of the Woods Scion Second Edition, and Thousand Years of Night.

Spivey said in his candidate statement that he is on a mission to create a more inclusive gaming world. He wants to increase diversity in gaming and geekdom through building community, developing new material, and promoting inclusion within the industry.

“I belive being on the Board would greatly enhance my impact and experience would help the organization provide new insights.

Prior to his election we asked Spivey about his thoughts on the recent events regarding race and the trade organization. Spivey said he supported the walkout and the cancellation of Origins Online. He also said the organization’s statement was late and problematic as it didn’t mention the people of color who declined to attend.

When asked if the lack of Black representation on the Board worried him, Spivey said, “As a black man, I’m worried. But that is not going to stop me from trying to change the status quo and bring voice to the Board. I encourage other marginalized people to also do so.”

Spivey said his vision for GAMA is to “create a more inclusive and progressive organization for our community. The community is not just cis white males; and people refusing to take a stand for just causes reinforce that false belief.”

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