17 Reviewers Leave ‘Everything Board Games’ Website After Being Told to Keep Politics Out

Seventeen tabletop game reviewers have left the Everything Board Games website after being told “This is everything board games, not everything politics.”

The group including, Alexa Chaplin, Sarah Johnson, Dez Maggs, Rodger Moore, Dane Trimble, Jeremy Davis, David Jensen, Andrew McLocklin, Delton Perez, Stephen Gulik, Benjamin Kocher, Kayla McLocklin, Eric Schevenius, George Jaros, Nicholas Leeman, Dave Merrell, and Nick Shipley, left after being told the site would not tolerate public or private posts not related to board games.

In their statement the group expressed their support for the Black lives matter movement, and asked for justice for the lives lost due to systemic racism, oppression, and bigotry.

“Everyone needs to stand up and speak up. We truly hope that the change begun by others continues to light fires not only through our community of gamers, but through individuals in every community,” the group said in the statement.

Everything Board Game is owned by Lake Leafty. He acquired the site from Dane Trimble in January. Leafty also owns The Giveaway Geek. The company recently launched a Kickstarter for a digital magazine version of the site.

Leafty posted a statement on his website accusing the reviewers of lying and cyber bullying. He reiterated his policy of refraining from political speech.

“We at Everything Board Games are interested in just that—board games. We have no interest in virtue signaling, requiring the membership of our community to prove their moral and ideological purity, and all the other nonsense that comes with adopting that kind of mindset.”

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