CMON Partner with Xplored on Teburu Gaming Console

CMON have partnered with Xplored, an Italian game development company, to release a hybrid gaming console, Teburu. The system will launch on Kickstarter in 2020.

The system senses the placement of figures on the board, and rolls of wireless dice, transmitting the information to a central application installed on a computer or tablet. Companion apps running on a player’s phone will also network with the main application. Teburu will provide real time updates of the game with contextual audio.

Figures will be embedded with electronic sensors.

The device will debut at Gen Con with demos of the first game on the system, Zombicide Evolution – Las Vegas. The game will be included in the Kickstarter. The companies say the Teburu version of the game will be “faster, enhanced,” and will allow players choices to carry over a series of gaming sessions.

The system will read the results of wireless dice.

CMON’s CEO, Chern Ann Ng commented, “We are excited to bring new technology and gameplay innovations to tabletop games in the form of the Teburu. We expect this will both excite existing tabletop gamers and draw a whole new audience into tabletop gaming.”

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