Asmodee Launches ‘Print & Play’ Website with Popular Titles

Asmodee have released free downloads of several board games as part of their “Print & Play” initiative. The initial list includes Dobble/Spot It!, Dixit, Timeline Classic, Unlock!, Cortex Challenge and Combo Color. Additional titles are planned.

Additional “Print & Play” titles are also planned and will be available as free downloads in the future. The printable versions have been modified to simplify the at-home printing and playing process.

“In these difficult times due to the Covid-19 worldwide crisis, we at Asmodee are happy to offer families a way to play together from the comfort and safety of their home” said Stephane Carville, CEO of Asmodee in a press release. “We hope that these free ‘Print & Play’ games can offer some measure of relief, adventure and fun for everyone while staying safe at home.”

The games will be available in multiple languages at

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