Wizama’s SquareOne Tabletop Console to be Released this Summer

Wizama, a French startup, have unveiled SquareOne, a console that combines traditional board games with video game technology. The company says this opens players to a full experience of gameplay while preserving the feel of a traditional board game. SquareOne won a CES Innovation Award this year in the gaming category.

SquareOne features a 19 inch built-in touch screen with connected pawns, cards, toys, sets, buzzers and dice that act as controllers which enable both physical and digital interaction. The SquareOne screen is bordered by 26 dedicated slots that can be used by cardboard tiles and other connected toys to build specific playing areas and enlarge the gaming surface.

Moreover, the console detects dice rolls and sends the value to the console through Bluetooth and NFC. The dice are completely passive, with no integrated battery and has a low production cost, which suits the needs of dice hungry board gamers.

Franck Botta, CEO of Wizama explains: “By combining board game and video game, SquareOne offers family and friends a way to experiment tons of fun and excitement without the generation gap around technology or having to learn a full rulebook. We provide a multigenerational way to play where everyone can interact, immerse, bond, compete, set challenges or cheat!”

The company will be partnering with board game publishers, videogame studios and videogame schools to offer a variety of interactive experiences on the console.

SquareOne is expected to release this summer at an MSRP of $499. The console will include 4 interactive pawns, 54 cards, one smart dice, one wireless dice track and an AC power adapter.

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