White Wolf Entertainment Considers Leadership Change, Apologizes for Insensitive Content

White Wolf Entertainment, publishers of Vampire: The Masquerade, apologized for “crude and insensitive” topics portrayed in their Camarilla and Anarch setting books in a statement posted on their Facebook page. The Camarilla setting book used Chechnya’s LGBTQ community as a major plot point in the book.

“Earlier this year, we made a pledge to you to meet certain standards and be more direct with the community regarding the World of Darkness and our games. That’s a pledge we failed to uphold, and we are deeply sorry,” White Wolf said in the statement.

White Wolf also stated it was making significant changes, “up to and including a change in leadership.” The embattled company had previously been in the news after being accused of marketing their products to people who align with a neo-Nazi ideology, an assertion they denied.

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