Weekend Roundup: 12-10-2018

Here are the industry stories we read over the weekend.

Where are Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers now?

The holiday shopping season is looking to be pretty solid, but without Toys ‘R’ Us, where are people shopping?


When should you make a digital board game?

Some insight on when to make a digital version of your board game from a 2018 Pax Unplugged session with Scott Gaeta, Patrick Leder and Tim Fowers.


Rethinking the ATM

As shoppers move away from cash toward digital payment, makers of ATMs are seeking alternative uses for their technologies.


Is there really a retail apocalypse?

This article from Bisnow says the myth has been inflated and that retail is actually doing okay. Shifty consumer taste maybe to blame for recent faliures of big box department stores. “People prefer small connections with boutique interactions,” said James Cook the director of retail research for JLL.


How 3-D printing is transforming mass manufacturing

Once thought just a method to make trinkets, 3D printing is increasingly being used in mass manufacturing to make production cheaper, better, stronger and faster.



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