Van Ryder Games Spotlights Vendors

Van Ryder Games have announced winners of its first Vendor Awards. Van Ryder president A.J. Porfirio said the awards were a way for the company to shine a spotlight on industry partners. The winners were selected by VRG employees at a company retreat in December.

The 2018 VRG Vendor Award recipients
• Vendor of the Year – Quartermaster Logistics, Inc.
• Top Convention – The Dice Tower Convention
• Top Distributor – Peachstate Hobby Distribution (PHD)
• Excellence in Fulfillment –Aetherworks, Quartermaster Logistics, Inc.
• Top Licensing Partner – Blue Orange Europe/Makaka Editions, Frosted Games
• Excellence in Logistics – OTX Logistics, Inc.
• Excellence in Media and Content – Brawling Brothers Podcast, Rahdo Runs Through, Three Minute Board Game

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