Van Ryder Games Names Shaun Varsos Manager of Business and Product Development

Van Ryder Games have named Shaun Varsos Manager of Business and Product Development. Varsos will be responsible for development, marketing, and sales. He will also be running and managing customer events.

Varsos had been a contract employee for the last 6 months. He has managed the Van Ryder booth at Gen Con, Origins, and Pax Unplugged. Varsos has a background in cyber security and worked for Apple, Best Buy, and Game Stop.

“We have so many great things planned for 2019 and Shaun is going to be a big reason why we will accomplish more than we ever have before. He’ll play a key role in the expansion of the Graphic Novel Adventures product line, which has quickly grown to be a top selling product line for us, as well as support a number of other products and initiatives,” said Van Ryder President, A.J. Porfirio.

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