The Op Partners with Asmodee to Produce Licensed Versions of ‘Spot It!’

The Op, previously Usaopoly, have announced a licensing agreement with Asmodee to release licensed versions of Spot It!, also known as Dobble outside the US.

Asmodee acquired the worldwide license to the popular game in 2015 from the Divertis Properties Group, Play Factory, and Blue Orange. The deal came after the settlement of a 2014 lawsuit where Divertis sued Blue Orange for publishing of the game in the US after its licence had expired.

Zygomatic Studio, a Paris-based division of Asmodee, is the company responsible for the management of the Spot It! brand.

The Op will release several Spot It! games in North America this fall. The games will have an MSRP of $14.99.

“This collaboration between Asmodee and The Op will add even more eye-catching and unmistakable visuals to the mix, making Spot It! not only a challenge of perception and dexterity, but personally enjoyable for fans to associate their favorite characters with victory,” says Heather Campbell, Vice President of Sales at The Op.

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