Tabletop Tycoon to Launch Paragon Dice this Summer

Tabletop Tycoon, the parent company of PolyHero Dice, will launch Paragon Dice this summer on Kickstarter.

The new brand will provide large role-playing dice sets that will follow a 5E D&D character all the way to level 20.

Each 50-dice set will be unique depending on the class. The Cleric set has more eight-sided dice, the Rogue will have more six-sided dice, and so on.

Wizard, Sorcerer, and Bard sets will be broken into two 50-dice sets, with one set going from level 1-10 and another set going from level 11-20.

Each die will have the high number engraved with a class-specific icon. 

Accompanying the sets will be the ‘Tome of Dice,’ a spell book-shaped carrying case, that can store over 100 dice.

The company is on the final round of sampling and color testing and should launch before the end of the Summer.

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