Stonemaier Games to Refuse to Sell to Retailers Who Spread False Information About the Company

In a new online communication policyStonemaier Games will refuse to sell to retailers who spread false information or make defamatory or derogatory public statements about the company. The policy:

“Stonemaier Games reserves the right not to sell products to retailers whose representatives spread false information or make defamatory and derogatory public statements about Stonemaier Games. This Policy applies to statements published online (social media platforms, blogs, etc) at any time (past, present, or future).

Stonemaier Games unilaterally adopts this Policy and neither seeks nor accepts confirmation or assurance of compliance by retailers or distributors.

Stonemaier Games welcomes constructive criticism from retailers and distributors–we are accountable for our mistakes and shortcomings. To ensure that you’re spreading facts instead of misinformation, you are always welcome to contact Jamey first for clarification.”

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