Steve Jackson Games Release More Details on Fnord Con

Steve Jackson Games have released more information about Fnord Con, a new company convention they announced earlier in the year.

The event will be held April 6 -7 at the TCEA Conference Center in Austin. Admission will be $40 a person and includes badge, swag, promos and the opportunity to meet special guests.

Announced Events

  • Pre-release play of Car Wars 6th Edition
  • Play new Munchkin games and expansions – Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 and upcoming expansions.¬†Munchkin Steampunk: Girl Genius (based on the popular Phil Foglio webcomic)
  • Paint-and-take Ogre miniatures
  • Ogre painting contest
  • The Fantasy Trip – Play the classic roleplaying game, newly released
  • Illuminati – Play the new version of an award-winning classic
  • A large open gaming library of current and out-of-print Steve Jackson Games products
  • Warehouse 23 sales, including exclusive items only available from us directly
  • Door prizes and drawings throughout the weekend
  • Signings by Steve Jackson, Andrew Hackard (Munchkin Line Editor) and Drew Metzger (Ogre Line Editor)


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