Spiel Says it Planned for Difficult Times

Dominique Metzler, managing director of Spiel, says the company is financially secure and will be able to survive the cancellation of this year’s event.

“Financially, we can survive a year without SPIEL. We have been saving money for years for such a case, because such a situation can always affect every convention organizer. So theoretically, we have always had this in mind,” Metzler said.

Metzler said the company have not taken any private or governmental support, and have not in their 36-year history. Staff jobs are secure.

“We are a great team and I think it is my job as an entrepreneur to make sure that we can all survive difficult times together,” Metzler said.

The company informed exhibitors earlier that SPIEL may not take place due to the pandemic. Metzler said they wanted to cancel as early as possible and not leave it to the last minute as exhibitors have extra costs involved such logistics, travel and lodging.

Exhibitors will be given the option to roll their stand fees to 2021 or request a refund.

Metzler said hotels in Germany can be cancelled free of charge in almost all cases, unless an exhibitor has reserved a room for a special discount, in which case it may not be possible to cancel. However, most hotels will certainly be accommodating.

The company announced SPIEL.digital, a virtual event for October 22 – 25, today.

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