Snakes & Lattes to Begin Phased Reopening Starting with Arizona Location

Will Quarantine Games for 3 Days After Being Played

Snakes & Lattes will begin reopening its four locations, first in Tempe, Arizona, then in Toronto. The popular board game cafe closed to protect employees and customers from the pandemic and to adhere to government requirements.

The company said it has received government assistance from the US and Canada, and expects to be fully operational by the first half of June.

Snakes & Lattes Tempe will begin opening next week, while the Toronto locations should re-open later in the month, pending government approval. Arizona restaurant restrictions were lifted on Monday with ‘stay at home’ requirements to be eased starting Friday.

“From what was seen this week so far in the area (Tempe, Arizona), attendance has been overwhelming at local locations which gives confidence that the re-opening will be very successful,” the company said in a report to shareholders.

In an effort to minimize risk for employees and guests, openings will happen in three phases.

Phase 1: Opening for take-out and delivery services only
Phase 2: Open for regular business with reduced hours
Phase 3: Fully open for business

All phases will employee enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols and processes, including additional cleaning of heavily trafficked areas. The company is exploring additional measures to protect employees and customers, which may include requiring everyone to wear masks.

The staggered approach will also allow the company to anticipate food and labor costs and adjust to new market demands.

Moreover, a staggered opening allows the company to adjust to market demands, avoid any issues with negative public opinion, and ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure our employees and guests safety.

“We are prepared to address the needs of each location on a case-by-case basis to combat any potential health concerns and will follow the recommended infection prevention and control (protocol,” the company said.

Games will be held in sealed bags and given customers. After being played the games will be cleaned and set aside in quarantine for three days. After that time, a sticker will be placed on the game to show that is it safe to play.

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