Snakes & Lattes Provides List of Titles Fulfilled Through November 2018

Snakes & Lattes announced a list of titles fulfilled by its distribution subsidiary through November. The company said it experienced consistent growth in this part of the business in 2018 and expects that to continue into 2019.

The company also said it has added titles created through its new Snakes & Lattes Publishing SAS and Morning game publishing, which it purchased in May. The company will be providing shipping dates for the various in-house published titles shortly including Kill The Unicorns and Red Panda.

Snakes & Lattes parent company Amfil Technologies (OTC: AMFE) have caught flack recently from investors for missing their most recently filing deadline. The OTC Market is warning buyers that the company isn’t making material information public. The stock has been sliding over the last quarter but was up 3.89% to $0.0748 at the time of publishing.

The list provided by the company:

Academy Games

Conquest: Native Alliance Expansion Card Deck

Vikings: Building Miniatures

Vikings: Invasions of England

Conquest – The French and Indian War

Conquest: The Treaty of Paris Board

Vikings: Leader Miniatures

Vikings: Treaty of Wedmore Board

Conflict of Heroes Guadalcanal: Army Expansion – English language

Mare Nostrum – Empires: Buildings Pack

Mare Nostrum – Empires: English Language

Alley Cat Games

Dice Hospital – Kickstarter Edition

Dice Hospital – Deluxe Add-Ons

Dice Hospital – Retail

Dice Hospital – Mini Expansion Pack


Bubblegum Crisis – HD Disctopia Blu-Ray

Big Kid Game

Montana: KS Edition

Montana: Metal Coins (Gold & Silver)


Fear Pong (Without Balls)

Tokyo Series – Currency+

Bloc by Bloc (2nd Edition)

Tokyo – Series 1

The Aviary Cocktail Book

Fear Pong – Insane Expansion Pack

PHD 20th Anniversary Book (Book 6)

Secret Hitler

Collect It All

Prof. Smith’s Rules for Advising

The Power of Procrastination

We Have No Idea (US Paperback)

PHD Book 1

PHD Book 2

PHD Book 3

PHD Book 4

PHD Book 5

Tokyo Series – Furoshiki Cloth

Bloc by Bloc Upgrade Kit for 1st Edition

Fear Pong Balls (2pk)


Fear Pong – Holidares Expansion Pack

(Blackbox) – You’ve Got Crabs (Core Deck)

Crossplay (softcover)

Zombie Tower 3D International Edition A

Tokyo Series – Currency

Girls with Slingshots (Hardcover)


Joking Hazard – Enlarged Box: Shiny Red Box Edition

Tim’rous Beastie


Illimat – Blackbox

The PHD Movie 2 DVD

The PHD Movie DVD

Yes, Roya

Imitation Crab Expansion Kit

Illimat: The Crane Wife Expansion

My Monster Boyfriend

Zombie Tower 3D Edition B

As The Crow Flies

Human Era


POSTER: Super Troopers 2

Rice Boy

Blackbox – Karmaka

Competition Kitchen

New World

Dragoon Base (Kickstarter Edition)

Dragoon Expansion Standard Edition

Fear Pong (With Balls)

Letters for Lucardo: Volume One

Osmosis Electrocardiography Essentials

Osmosis Renal Pathology

POSTER: Super Troopers (signed)

The Sleep of Reason

Dragoon Base Gold Edition

Dragoon Dragon Pin

Dragoon Kickstarter Coin

Dragoon Ship Pin

Five Years Ago and Three Thousand Miles

How to Learn in the Health Professions

Noisy Person Cards

Osmosis Psychological Disorders

Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here

POSTER: Super Troopers

Shadow Eyes: Volume One (Softcover)

Templar, Arizona: 1 – The Great Outdoors

Templar, Arizona: 2 – The Mob Goes Wild

Templar, Arizona: 3 – And a Stick …

Templar, Arizona: 4 – Trouble Every Day

The Less Than Epic Adventures of Taj and Amal

Braincrack games

Farsight Core Game

Farsight Warchest

Dead & Breakfast

Burnt Island Games

Endeavor: Age of Sail – Commodore (Deluxe)

Endeavor: Age of Sail – Captain (Retail)

Calliope Games

Mansky Caper

Wooden Safes

Company 11 Game


CSE Games

NHL Fastrack

Get Bit: Deluxe

Dead Man’s Draw

Quartex EN/FR


Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

Get Bit!

Click! Clack! Lumberjack!

Dimension Games


Deep Madness

Endless Nightmares Expansion

Replacement Brown Cat Model

Uncounted Horrors Expansion

Investigator – Detective

The Oracle’s Betrayal Expansion

Investigator – Novelist

Rise of Dagon Expansion

Epic Monster – Penitent and Forsaken

Epic Monster – Devourer of Worlds

Epic Monster – Spawn of the Sleeper

Epic Monster – Insidious

Epic Monster – Dimension Rift

Variant Dice Pack 2

Large Card Box

Variant Dice Pack 1

Small Card Box

Plastic Token Pack

Art Book

3D Hatches Pack

Translation Pack – Core Game & Stretch Goals French

Dice Bag C

Translation Pack – Rise of Dagon – French

Translation Pack – The Oracle’s Betrayal – French

Black Bases Pack

Devour Bag

Dice Bag A

Dice Bag F

Dice Bag D

Dice Bag B

Dice Pack

Folding Dice Tower

Dice Bag E

Snakes & Lattes Distribution

Joking Hazard (White Box Edition)



OrganATTACK!: TEAMS Expansion Pack

Joking Hazard: Toking Hazard (Expansion)

Joking Hazard: Deck Enhancement #1 (Expansion)

MINDJOB – Cigarette Box

Joking Hazard: Deck Enhancement #2 (Expansion)


Bananagrams (FR)

Never Have I Ever

Spank the Yeti

Can’t Stop

Cobra Paw


My First Bananagrams

For Sale

MINDJOB – New Cigar Box

Pick Your Poison – NSFW Edition

Bucket of Doom

Heart and Brain: The Party Game

Never Have I Ever Conversation Starters: Family Life

Billionaire Banshee

Dirty Neighbors – This Game is not for you


The Noodle Game

Bananagrams Big Letter

Untold: Adventures Await

Fake News

Pick Your Poison

Escape from Sunset Island

Never Have I Ever: Expansion Pack 2


The Voting Game

Hot Seat

Never Have I Ever: Expansion Pack 1

Never Have I Ever Conversation Starters: College Life

Gorus Maximus (Basic Edition)

Obama Llama

Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr


Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

Growl (Basic Edition)

Monster Misfits

Buy the Rights

Never Have I Ever Conversation Starters: Girls Night Out

Quartex EN/FR


Never Have I Ever: Board Game

Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age

Wizards of the Tabletop


Monster Rejects

Emoji Party

Hot Seat – Even More Expansion

Rogues to Riches

Can of Squirms


Never Have I Ever: Paddle Pack

Caveman Curling


The Voting Game – NSFW Expansion

Near and Far KS

Not Parent Approved

Dabble – The Word Game

Disturbed Friends Expansion

Near and Far: Amber Mines Expansion KS

Cheeky Monkey

Hot Seat – NSFW Expansion

Kill The Unicorns (Pre-Order)

Open Wide Grandma

Yeah! Diamonds

Final Frontier Games

Robin Hood and the Merry Men – DELUXE Ed

Robin Hood and the Merry Men – Metal Coins

Robin Hood and the Merry Men – Standard

Game Brewer BVBA

Gugong Deluxe

Gugong Deluxe – (English+German+French+Dutch)


Gugong Deluxe – (English) – Rulebook

Gugong Deluxe – (English+Chinese+Japanese+Korean)

Gugong Deluxe – (France) – Rulebook

Gugong Retail – English (Game Brewer) Box only

Pixie Queen




Gugong Deluxe – (CN) – Rulebook

Gugong Deluxe – (Eng+Spanish+Italian+Portuguese)

Gugong Deluxe – (Portuguese) – Rulebook

Gugong Deluxe – (Spanish) – Rulebook

Gugong Retail – (TMG)

Gugong Retail – French

Rulebook Standard – English (Game Brewer)

Game Toppers LLC

Game Topper Order

Genius Games LLC

Subatomic – Collectors Edition



Subatomic – Retail




Goblivion Games


Grand Gamers Guild

Endeavor Deluxe – Grand Gamers Guild

Greenbrier Games Inc

Folklore The Affliction

Champions of Hara

Promo Folklore Talisman & Dice Bag

Champions of Hara Chaos on Hara Expansion

Promo Folklore/Hara Ame Crossover Afflic

Folklore Dark Tales Expansion

Promo Folklore KS Farmer

Promo Folklore KS Mystic

Folklore Miniatures Box Set

Promo Folklore Tracker Card Pack (x5)

Folklore World Events

Folklore Crafting and Recipes

Promo Folklore Equipment Pack

Promo Folklore Player Mat

Folklore Adventure Creation Kit

Champions of Hara Beneath the Roots Book

Promo Folklore Colossal Dark Oak

Folklore Ghost Miniatures Pack

Folklore Terrain

Folklore Character Record Pad

Promo Folklore Character & Creature Punch

Promo Folklore Oversized World Map

Promo Folklore Plastic Stands(18)

Folklore Encounter Record Pad

Promo Folklore Update Pack

Grey Fox Games

City of Gears Founders Edition

The Juggernaut – Mini Expansion

Grimlord Games

Village Attacks: 3d Traps

Village Attacks: The Troll

Village Attacks: Kickstarter Dice

Village Attacks: Despair and Abhorrence

Village Attacks: Kickstarter Exclusives

Village Attacks: Rage & Avarice

Village Attacks: Wrath and Ruin

Village Attacks: Core Game

Village Attacks: Terror & Anguish

Village Attacks: Dread and Malice

Village Attacks: Horrors of the Sands

Village Attacks: Doom and Suffering

Village Attacks: Fear and Torment

Village Attacks: Greed and Fury

Village Attacks: Artbook

Village Attacks: Cursed Dice

Village Attacks: Mythic Dice

Village Attacks: Undead Dice

Village Attacks: Arcane Dice

Village Attacks: Demon Dice

Village Attacks: Clip on Bases

Village Attacks: Extra Game Tiles Pack

Village Attacks: Resin Monster pack

Village Attacks: Rage & Avarice (FR)

Village Attacks: Resin Town Heroes pack

Village Attacks: Core Game (FR)

Village Attacks: Despair and Abhorrence (FR)

Village Attacks: Kickstarter Exclusives (FR)

Village Attacks: Wrath and Ruin (FR)

Village Attacks: Doom and Suffering (FR)

Village Attacks: Dread and Malice (FR)

Village Attacks: Fear and Torment (FR)

Village Attacks: Greed and Fury (FR)

Village Attacks: Horrors of the Sands (FR)

Village Attacks: Terror & Anguish (FR)

Village Attacks: Core Dice

Horrible Games

Alone Alpha Expansion HG018

Alone Core Game HG016

Alone Kickstarter Expansion HG017

Alone 3D Resin Map

IDW Games

Munchkin TMNT Deluxe

TMNT Deck Box

Cowabunga Bundle

Munchkin TMNT Deluxe Ultimate

Imp House Games

Fate of Fantos Card Game

Fate of Fantos Sticker Correction Pack

Fate of Fantos Neoprene Mat

Indie Boards and Cards

Flash Point Tragic Events

Update Pack AE plus depths

Infinite Black

Elder Dice – “Haunter in the Deep” Playmat

Elder Dice – “Star Spawn” Playmat

Elder Dice – “Yog-Sothoth is the Gate” Playmat

Elder Dice – “Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate” Playmat

Elder Dice – Blue Polyhedral Star Sets

Elder Dice – Green Polyhedral Lovecraft Sets

Elder Dice – Red Polyhedral Cthulhu Sets


Dabble – The Word Game


Vault Assault

Summit the Board Game


Summit the Board Game – FR

Yeti – FR

Jabuka Games



Lady and the Tiger


Ninjitsu! Promo Pack

Treasure Hunter’s Expansion

Keymaster Games

Space Park

Campy Creatures

Space Park Postcard Pack

Space Park T shirt – XX Large


Hands in the Sea 2nd edition – Board Game

Hands in the Sea – Metal Coin Set

Kolossal Games

Western Legends (EN-KS+)

Lone Shark Games

Apocrypha: Hybrid Mission Pack

Apocrypha – 2nd Wave Promo Cards

Apocrypha: The Devil Expansion

Apocrypha: The Flesh Expansion

Apocrypha – Signed Contract Poison Card

Lucky Duck Games

Chronicles of Crime: The Virtual Reality

Chronicles of Crime – KS

Chronicles of Crime – Noir

Chronicles of Crime – Welcome to Redview

Chronicles of Crime – KS FR

Chronicles of Crime – Noir FR

Chronicles of Crime – Welcome to Redview FR

Chronicles of Crime

Vikings Gone Wild – The Big Box


Vikings Gone Wild – Masters of Elements EN

Vikings Gone Wild – 5th Player EXP EN

Vikings Gone Wild – 5th Player Neoprene Mats

Vikings Gone Wild – EN

Vikings Gone Wild – MoE KS Cards EN

Vikings Gone Wild – 500 Sleeves

Vikings Gone Wild – Guild Wars EN

Vikings Gone Wild – It’s a Kind of Magic EN

Vikings Gone Wild – Neoprene Artefact Mats

Vikings Gone Wild – Neoprene Player Mats

Vikings Gone Wild – Ragnarok EN

Fruit Ninja: Combo Party

Vikings Gone Wild – 1st KS Cards EN

Vikings Gone Wild – 5th Player EXP FR

Vikings Gone Wild – MoE Booster Box EN

Vikings Gone Wild – Ragnarok FR

Mindclash Games

Cerebria EN 1st – Retail Version

Cerebria EN 1st – KS with Painted Miniatures

Cerebria EN 1st – Expansion

Cerebria Card Game

Cerebria EN 1st – KS with Unpainted Miniatures

Anachrony – Doomsday Enhancement Pack


Anachrony – Exosuit Commander Pack

Cerebria EN 1st- Unpainted Miniature Set

Cerebria EN 1st – Painted Miniature Set


MINDJOB – New Cigar Box

Mountaintop Games

The Primary

Naomi Clark

Consentacle Core Game

Nauvoo Games

The Reckoners (Epic)

The Reckoners (Standard)

The Reckoners (Deluxe)

Orange Nebula

Vindication w/ Upgrades (KS Edition)

Vindication (KS Edition)

Vindication w/ Upgrades


Pandasaurus Games

Dinosaur Island – Extreme Edition

Piecekeeper Games

Gearworks – Playmat

Gearworks – Retail

Pillbox Games

Side Effects


Pick Your Poison – NSFW Edition

The Voting Game – NSFW Expansion

Portal Dragon

Palm Island All-Weather (Plastic Case)

Palm Island Hybrid

Restoration Games

Deluxe Marbles

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar

Treasure Trove

Thank You Map

The Last Adventurer

Crouching Tiger Hidden Bees

Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass

Painted Minis

Card Sleeves (set of 200)

Secre Cabal Promo Card

Maker Kit

Stop Thief




Brass: Birmingham – Deluxe Edition

Brass: Lancashire – Deluxe Edition

Brass – 100 Gaming Chips

Dice Throne (Retail)

Super Motherload

Steampunk Rally

Second Gate Games

Monster Lands – Hand Signed Promo Card Set

Monster Lands – Leader + Expansion (FR)

Monster Lands – Monster + Expansion (ENG)

Monster Lands – Rulebook (FR)

Monster Lands – Promo Card Set

Monster Lands – Solo Mode + Monster Dice Add-On

Hand-signed Promo cards sets

Monster Lands – Monster Dice Add-On

Serious Poulp

The 7th Continent – Rookie Pledge: English — Core Box

The 7th Continent: Tuckbox & Dice Bag

The 7th Continent 200 Sleeves + 200 Protèges-cartes

The 7th continent Playmat * Tapis de jeu

the 7th Continent – Rookie Pledge: Français — Core Box

The 7th Continent Spiral Notebook

The 7th Continent 1.400 Sleeves+ Protèges-cartes

the 7th Continent – Upgrade Pack: English

The 7th Continent (EN)

the 7th Continent – Upgrade Pack: French

Skyler Innovations

Watch Ya Mouth

Steamforged Games

Dark Souls – Darkoot Basin Expansion

Dark Souls – Black Dragon Kalameet Expansion

Dark Souls – The Four Kings Expansion

Dark Souls – The Gaping Dragon Expansion

Dark Souls – Old Iron King Expansion

Dark Souls – The Guardian Dragon Expansion

Dark Souls – Asylum Demon Expansion

Dark Souls – Extra Dice Pack

Tasty Minstrel Games

Crusaders Deluxified

The Plastic Soldier Company

The Great War: French Tanks

KS Exclusive card manifest

KS Exclusive stickers

KS Exclusive Victory Point counters

KS Exclusive Victory Point mat

Lincoln – English Rulebook

Lincoln game (English language)

The Great War: French Army Expansion

The Great War: Battle Dice

The Great War: French Army Punchboard

The Great War: Scenario and Decals

The Great War: Reissued Soldiers – (Set of Grey and Brown)

TGW Centenary Command Cards

The Great War: Whippet Tanks

The Great War: Centenary Edition Board Game

The Great War: Tank Expansion

Hold The Line: French Indian Wars Expansion (English language)


Spirits of the Forest Deluxe

Spirits of the Forest Retail

Spirits of the Forest Retail Expansion

Spirits of the Forest Aether Stones

Spirits of the Forest Cotton Bag

Spirits of the Forest Collector

Spirits of the Forest Collector Components

Spirits of the Forest Dry Erase Scoreboard

Spirits of the Forest Golden Fireflies

Pot de Vin

Spirits of the Forest Promo MVM

Tao Long Deluxe Edition

Spirits of the Forest Table Cloth

Dead Man’s Doubloons

Dead Man’s Doubloons: Deluxe Components

Tao Long Retail Edition

Spirits of the Forest Metal Token

Today Is Art Day

Action Figure – Frida Kahlo

Action Figure – Salvador Dali

Action Figure – Vincent Van Gogh

Action Figure – Leonardo da Vinci

Action Figure – Claude Monet

Action Figure – Gustav Klimt

Action Figure – Rene Magritte

Action Figure – Johannes Vermeer

Action Figure – Rembrandt

Tompet Games

Donning the Purple

Jai Jai Hooray!

Hooray! Gift Bundle (Goddess Power Tower, Flash Cards & Stickers)


Goddess Power Tower

Hanuman-Monkey Print

11×14 Saraswati – Peacock

Lakshmi-Owl Print

8×10 Lakshmi – Owl Print

Stickers – Free item

8×10 Hanuman – Monkey Print

8×10 Ram – Bow and Arrow

8×10 Saraswati – Peacock

Ram – Bow Print

Van Ryder Games

Graphic Novel Adventures: Captive

Graphic Novel Adventures: Your Town

Vesuvius Media

Dwar7s Fall: Promo Cards (Winter)

Dwar7s Winter

Dwar7s Fall: Stickers

Dwar7s Fall: Empires

Dwar7s Fall Core

Dwar7s Fall: Game Mat

Dwar7s Fall: Royal Decrees

Vesuvius Media: 80x80mm Sleeves (100)

Covil: Stickers

White Wizard Games

Star Realms Season 5-8 Promo Cards (Year Two)

Star Realms Frontiers

Star Realms Frontiers Kickstarter Promos

Star Realms Stellar Allies

Star Realms Command Deck: Lost Fleet

Star Realms Command Deck: The Alignment

Star Realms Command Deck: The Alliance

Star Realms Command Deck: The Coalition

Star Realms Command Deck: The Pact

Star Realms Command Deck: The Union

Star Realms Command Deck: The Unity

Hero Realms: Cardbox +240 Sleeves +1 Promo

Star Realms Playmat: Conversion Yard

Star Realms: Cardbox +240 Sleeves +1 Promo

Star Realms: Scenarios Expansion

Wyrd Miniatures, LLC.

Reduced Scale Models

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