Smirk & Laughter Distance Themselves from Jeff Lai After Gender Comments

Curt Covert, the founder of Smirk & Dagger/Smirk & Laughter games, has issued a statement distancing the company from game designer Jeff Lai after he posted a quote on Facebook suggesting that Christians should only use biological gender when referring to people. Lai designed the 2018 game “Nut So Fast” for the company.

The statement.

We were surprised and disappointed by the statements made today by the designer of one of our games. It is particularly heart-breaking because the comments, reported behaviors and linked media were so antithetical to our own beliefs and were totally incongruous with any interaction we’ve had with them to date.

To be very clear, Smirk & Dagger supports love, inclusion, humanity and diversity in its broadest definition. It is our great hope, for the world, that those whose personal or indoctrinated beliefs excludes groups of people from the respect we all deserve, arrive at a more enlightened place and take steps to heal the hurt their actions cause.

Until that time however, we also have to be guided by our own sense of what is right and help people understand that their actions have consequences. This person has dealt themselves a deathblow in the industry and will find it nearly impossible to sign another license agreement with a publisher. Certainly, that must be our stance.

I long for the day when we can collectively say we’ve moved beyond all this and offer people the love and respect we all crave and deserve.


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