Slugfest Games En Garde Kickstarter Shut Down by IP Dispute

The En Garde card game campaign by Slugfest Games has been shut down by Kickstarter pending an IP dispute. The 11-day campaign for the “cinematic dueling card game” closed December 11 and funded for $11,524.

Slugfest president Jeff Morrow said in a December 13 post on their website that the owner a role-playing game first published in the 70’s called En Garde! had filed the dispute with Kickstarter.

Morrow said Slugfest had an original agreement with the owner when the game first came out in 2005, but the owner had a change of heart when the Kickstarter reboot came out.

Slugfest has changed the name of the project to En Garde Reforged and is waiting for approval from the owner and Kickstarter.

Slugfest assured backers they were working to settle the dispute and that the game would ship as promised.

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