Sleeve Kings Launched by Mayday Games CEO Seth Hiatt

Seth Hiatt, Founder and CEO of Mayday Games, has launchedĀ Sleeve Kings, a new brand of card sleeves, on Kickstarter. The company will be separate from Mayday Games and will be a subsidiary of Imperial Publishing Inc. Sleeve Kings will launch in January with 16 products and will focus on making quality sleeves at discount prices.

The sleeves are made from 60 micron polypropylene. The company said it has teamed up with a factory to develop a new process for producing card sleeves

“We have created these sleeves with the most advanced polypropylene processing in the industry. This means importing our polypropylene already in the right sizes from the middle east and then cutting and sealing our sleeves at our factory in China before finally sending the rewards onto you,” the company said in a response on Kickstarter.

Packs will contain 110 sleeves per pack versus the industy standard of 100. Sleeve Kings will sell directly to the public. The sleeves will be divided into three groups: Mini $2 MSRP, Standard $2.50 MSRP, Large $3 MSRP.

As of publication the Sleeve Kings Kickstarter had raised $18,600 of its $5,000 goal.

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