Role, Inc. Bringing Browser-Based RPG Platform to Kickstarter

Role, Inc., the developers of the Role iOS app are bringing its new platform to Kickstarter June 2.

Founders Logan Dwight and Ian Hirschfeld hope the campaign will fund a more advanced browser-based platform which will have a player-centric interface featuring video chat, dynamic character sheets, creator marketplace, and a system for matching players and GMs.

Role will launch with exclusive modules from Magpie Games, Massif Press and Swordsfall, and new standalone games from Sword Queen Games, Skullfungus, and Role’s own internal publishing division.

“Tabletop role-playing has long evolved past its humble roots, and has become one of the world’s greatest mediums for storytelling, empathy, and intimate collaborative play,” said Logan Dwight, co-founder and CEO of Role, Inc. “We want to help the next generation of brilliant creators and diverse voices craft stories together across the globe.”

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