Renegade Games Studios Hire Patty Wainwright and Daniel Blanchett

Patty Wainwright

Renegade Game Studios have hired Patty Wainwright as Conventions Manager and Daniel Blanchett as Development Coordinator.

Wainwright will be responsible for planning and administration at trade shows and conventions. She has worked in the tabletop gaming industry for almost ten years, and is co-owner of a game store in Boise, ID. Wainwright has been part of the Renegade Demo Team since 2016.

Daniel Blanchett

Blanchett has freelanced as a game designer, art director, and graphic designer for Foxtrot Games, Breaking Games and other publishers. He will be involved in game development and facilitating playtests at the Renegade Game Studios office in San Diego. He will help to build and support the local design and development community.


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