Privateer Press Sees Key Departures

Lyle Lowery, Will Pagini, William Shick and JR Godwin have recently announced departures from Privateer Press, publisher of Warmachine, Hordes and Monsterpocalypse.

Lyle Lowery, the company’s Editor in Chief since 2015, announced his departure November 30 in a public Facebook post. Lowery said, “Today is my last day at Privateer Press. My soul is in No Quarter and in the work I did promoting, marketing, and supporting Privateer Press games before that. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave, and I do it with a heavy heart, but the time is right to move on to new adventures and challenges.”

Executive Director William Shick announced his departure via Twitter saying “Just walked in for my last Monday on my last week at Privateer Press. Even though I made the decision to move on over a month ago it’s still crazy to see the end of the line on what was an amazing ten years…”

Will Pagini, Lead CID developer, also announced his departure on Facebook saying he didn’t have another job lined up at the moment but he was pursuing several positions in the industry.

Event coordinator JR Godwin took a job with The Pokemon Company International on November 19.

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