Portland’s ‘Guardian Games’ Expands with Acquisition of ‘Rainy Day Games’

Portland’s Guardian Games have purchased Rainy Day Games located in Aloha, Oregon, a nearby suburb.

“We are excited to continue the legacy of Rainy Day Games and reinforce our support and passion for the gaming community of Oregon” said new owner Jim Bourke in a press release.

Bourke doesn’t have plans to change the name. The company said they are focused on the transition of ownership and supporting the gaming community in the Northwest.

Bourke purchased Guardian Games from founders Angel May and Michelle Startt last April. Bourke owns Bourke Retail, ExtremeAerosports.com, and Knife Edge Software.

Rainy Day Games was founded in 1998 and was owned by Jeff Abramson and Steve and Amy Ellis.

Established in 2005, Guardian Games now has 10,000 sq. ft of retail space with over 30,000 different games and supplies. It also includes a bar.

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