Polish Publisher Games Factory to Shutdown After Financial Mismanagement

Polish board game publisher Games Factory announced on Facebook that it will shut down. The company also said the president of the company was responsible for the financial mismanagement of company accounts and has resigned.

“In recent time, a lot of financial negligence has come out in games factory, including unpaid invoices for the production of the games hero realms and Solar City. the other members of the board and the publishing staff have not had any information on this.” the company said in a translated version of the the statement.

The company had been in trouble before the announcement. Marcin Senior Ropka, the designer of Solar City and Games Factory employee left the company last summer after allegations of the company lying to him and backers of the crowdfunding campaign the Polish edition of Raiders of the North.

The company had been stringing along backers, when it turned out the delays were caused by unpaid bills at the factory. This was confirmed by Shem Phillips of Garphill Games. Garphill pulled their contracts with Games Factory shortly after.

Games Factory have yet to pay for the products in China for almost a year. I am appalled by how they are treating their customers. This is a violation of their contract with Garphill Games. Garphill Games will be playing in the Games Factory.”

The company have also left two Kickstarter campaigns unfilled. The Board Game Creative Kit raised $36,127 and Solar City $67,929.

The company thanked their supporters in the post and said, “We can only regret that we did not trust players when they suggested that some of our decisions and delays have a different ground than oświadczaliśmy – unfortunately in many cases they were right, which we discover only today, after obtaining access to the full correspondence of the company.”

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