Pegasus Spiele Launches Virtual Game Design Meetings

Pegasus Spiele are inviting game designers to pitch their games to secure a virtual meeting with the company’s game editors on May 15 – 16.

Pegasus Designer Days is a first for the company, and response to the cancelling of traditional game design meetings due to the pandemic.

The conference will be hosted by Editorial Director for Games, Klaus Ottmaier. Claudia Geigenm├╝ller, the editor for children’s games will also be available. The editorial team of the newly founded publisher Deep Print Games will also be present.

Game designers will be allowed to submit up to three game pitches. Selected authors will then receive an email with a time and link for an online video conference where they will have ten minutes per game to inspire the editors. The editors will provide feedback on each game presented. If selected, playable prototypes will be requested.

Registration for the event ends May 13.

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