Paizo Promotes Jeffrey Alvarez to President in Preparation for the Retirement of Founder Lisa Stevens

Paizo have promoted Jeffrey Alvarez to President. He was previously COO. CEO Lisa Stevens will continue to provide strategic guidance for the company preparing them for her retirement in a few years. Erik Mona will continue as Publisher and Chief Creative Office

Stevens founded Paizo in 2002. She previously worked at TSR and Wizards of the Coast.

“For the last five or six years, I have gradually given Erik Mona and Jeff Alvarez more parts of the business to run, along with more control of the decision-making processes. I feel that it’s time for me to formally acknowledge these changes that have been an increasing reality for years,” she said.

Vic Wertz, Paizo’s Chief Technology Officer, another founder of the company, and Stevens’ spouse, is also pulling back from day-to-day operations; he will continue overseeing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, among other duties.

The company said the changes have been in progress for some time and are part of an orderly plan.

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