New PSA from Toy Association Targets Over Scheduling and Play Deprivation in Children

The Genius of Play, a nonprofit initiative of the Toy Association, have launched a new public service announcement called “Prescription for Play.” The campaign will remind parents that play is critical in the development of children. The campaign will be part of a month-long celebration of play called “Play All May.” The PSA in various lengths can be viewed here.

“At The Genius of Play, our goal is to inspire parents and caregivers to make time for play, the lack of which could negatively impact children’s overall well-being. Research shows that play is crucial during a child’s formative years and provides a solid foundation for future success in school, career, and life,” said Ken Seiter, executive vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association.

Despite its many benefits, the actual time children spend playing continues to decrease due to overly packed schedules, increased focus on academics, concerns about the safety of outdoor play, and competition from screens. To help keep play in children’s lives, the American Academy of Pediatrics now encourages doctors to write kids “prescriptions for play” and recommends play for children to buffer toxic stress, build parental relationships, and improve executive functioning.

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