New Polish Publisher ‘Glass Cannon Unplugged’ Announce ‘Frostpunk: The Board Game’ As First Project

Glass Cannon Unplugged, a new Polish board game publisher, announced Frostpunk: The Board Game this weekend as their first project during Guerrilla Collec+ive, an online digital games festival.

Glass Cannon is run by Jakub Wiśniewski, Michał Ozon, Rafał Pieczyński, Dawid Tadel, Łukasz Jankowski and Paweł Obara.

Joining them on Frostpunk is Adam Kwapiński, the designer of Nemisis, Lords of Hellas, Heroes, Inbetween, and Dark Ages.

The game, based on the popular video game, will be launched on Kickstarter this Fall.

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