NEW FEATURE: Press Release Submission

We are testing a new feature that will allow you to directly publish your press releases on Tabletop Wire.

How it works. We have put a form on our Submit Press Release page that allows you to provide us with the title, content and pictures of your release. By filling out this form, you are actually creating a post that will go into our content management system.

Once approved, the release will put in our Press Release category and show up on the page for that category. We will also be looking to feature this on the home page once we work out any bugs.

What are we looking for? Anything that is related to the tabletop industry. We will reject posts we don’t think apply, but we will not be editing these submissions. The releases should be complete and not contain any embargoes. Images must be under 1,500 pixels wide.

Should you still send us news? If you have an automated mailing list, please continue to send us your releases to

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.

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