John Bohrer Says Winsome Sets to Cease After This Year

John Bohrer has announced he will most likely cease making his limited edition Winsome sets after this year. Bohrer is known for his economic train games, which he sells in simple clam shell sets, mostly at Spiel in Essen, Germany. He also produces a limited number of sets for sale to US customers.

Games out of the sets have been licensed by other publishers, including Queen and Eagle-Gryphon Games. Capstone Games recently announced a new edition of Irish Gauge.

He also said he may not produce as many games as last year, and will be contacting customers in order of seniority, with European customers being first. The 2019 set will consist of two games, ‘Pennsylvania Railroad’ and ‘1836.’

“I am 63 years old and retired. Making all these Essen Sets is more difficult than many seem to think. I will still create games and they might be licensed. There are 6 existing Winsome Games licensed to big firms that have not yet been announced by the licensees,” Bohrer said in an email to fans,

Bohrer thanked his customers, “Winsome customers are the cream of the crop, smart, savvy enough to look beyond our crap components, with only rare exceptions fully comprehending our rules correctly on the first play. Some of my local non-gaming friends say that I create games for geniuses. Perhaps they are right.”

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