Hasbro Launches Voice-Activated, Cashless Monopoly

Hasbro have put a voice to Monopoly. The company will release the first voice-activated version of the classic game. They have published cashless editions of the game, but this version will handle all of the game housekeeping and banking with voice commands.

Monopoly Voice Banking

“Voice activated and voice recognition products are now part of our everyday lives and we’re excited to bring Monopoly into this ever-growing trend and give fans a new way to experience the classic game,” Senior Director of Global Brand Strategy for Monopoly Jen Boswinkel told Business Insider Malaysia,

Included in the game is a plastic top hat containing the electronics and speaker. Each player has a button for their corresponding character token. Players press the button on their turn and speak one of a list of commands, like “Balance” or “Build a Hotel.”

The game computer keeps tracks of the players money and holdings. The console also has a replay and undo button.

This version is more streamlined than a traditional game as it only allows for four players. There are also fewer properties and no utilities or railroads for purchase. There is also only one “Get Out of Jail Free” card. The game also has new spaces that allow you to trade cards.

Monopoly Voice Banking will be available July 1 for $29.99.

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