Hans im Glück and Schmidt Spiele Part Ways in 2019, Asmodee Germany Takes Over Distribution

Schmidt Spiele and Hans im Glück will end their distribution agreement in 2019. Schmidt was the distributor for the Munich-based publisher of Carcassonne, Marco Polo and Stone Age.

The split was announced in July. At the same time, it was announced that Asmodee Germany will take over the distribution of Hans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In an Asmodee press release, Moritz Brunnhofer, the Managing Director of Hans im Glück said, “With Asmodee, we now have a distribution partner who is just as tickled and as dynamic as we are. Asmodee has shown with titles such as TIME Stories or Pandemic Legacy that they can bravely embrace novel ideas…”

Hans have also been working with Asmodee Digital. The two released Carcassonne to the Nintendo Switch this month.

Schmidt said it will continue to focus on games and puzzles. The company expanded in 2017 to include Selecta, a Bavarian maker of wooden toys.

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