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GTS Distribution Increases Shipping Minimums

GTS Distribution is increasing shipping minimums for retailers in 2019, citing rising shipping rates from FedEx and UPS. The new rate raises the minimum by $100. While other restrictions apply, the new freight policies are:

  • Orders less than $500.00 are subject to shipping charges.
  • Orders greater than $500.00 are eligible for free shipping from one warehouse.
  • Orders of $1000 or more ship free from up to 2 warehouses ($100 minimum per warehouse)
  • Orders of $1400 or more ship free from up to 3 warehouses ($100 minimum per warehouse)

“One of the unfortunate realities of a business that relies heavily on small parcel shipping is that freight costs continue to go up year over year. With the rise of e-commerce affecting the overall economic landscape, parcel carriers have more packages shipping than ever before and the price to ship continues to increase,” the company said in a notification to customers.

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