Gnome Games Opens Registration for Community Outreach Boot Camp For Retailers

Registration for the Community Outreach Retailer Boot Camp produced by Wisconsin tabletop game retailer Gnome Games has opened. The 3-day workshop will be held April 1-3 and is designed to help game store retailers develop a community engagement and outreach plan that will financially help their stores.

The camp is for active games stores only and is limited to 12 attendees. The price is $350. Attendees are responsible for transportation and lodging. The fee includes lunch on Monday and Tuesday.

Contact Gnome Games for more information at

Community Outreach Boot Camp Schedule (Subject to change)

Sunday March 31st
Meet and Greet – location TBD
Get to meet other retailers, shake hands, relax and begin the discussion.

Monday, April 1st
8 AM – 8:30 AM Registration and Check In
8:30 – 9:00 – The Gnome Games Outreach Program Who we play with, where we play, why we do it and how we get there profitably.
9 AM – 10 AM Defining the Local Community – determining what doors are available to open (and worth the effort to try to unlock) in your community
10 AM – 11 AM The Gatekeepers – Who you need to be able to talk to, how to get them to come to you, and what you need to be able to say and do when you do get to talk with them
11 AM – Noon – Games for your first Elementary School Game Night – The must be fluent games that will make your company get invited back – we’ll be using a lot of these at the Game Night tonight
Noon – 1 Lunch – Happy Joes Pizza (part of your registration)
1 PM – 2 PM – Defining your own Program – what you want your actual outreach mission to be.
2 PM – 3 PM – Staffing the Outreach, training, background checks, ‘image’
3 PM – 4 PM – Preparing for the Game Night – what to take, what not to take, what happens afterwards (After Action Review)
4 PM – 7PM – Family Game Night at local School
7:00 -? – Dinner and recovery operations discussion – Location TBD Dinner not included in fees

Tuesday April 2nd
8 AM – 9 AM – Debrief / Roundtable discussion of the Outreach Event (After Action Reviews and how they help us)
9 AM – Noon – Promotion of your Outreach Program – development of materials, media outlets, website * Media and Educator Panel
Home School Parent Coordinator discussion
Local Media Panel (TV Producer)
Noon – 1 PM – Lunch TBD
1 PM – 2PM – Educational Lingo and monetizing the School Outreach Program
2 PM – 4 PM – Strategic Plan Development
4 PM – 5 PM – Local Business Game Night Prep – and load out – What we take to a local business
6:00 – 10:00 – Community Game Night at a local establishment

Wednesday April 3rd
9 AM – Noon Strategic Plan development, discussion and implementation – designing the outreach program that works for you
12:00 – Wrap Up

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