Geppi Family Enterprises Launches Campaign to Support Comic and Game Stores

Geppi Family Enterprises, which include Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors, are launching a multi-phased campaign to support local comic and game stores as they reopen and rebuild.

Back the Comeback, launches today with a social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook as well as various YouTube channels. Steve Geppi will challenge five friends to post support for their favorite comic or game store , using the hashtag #BackTheComeback, while asking their friends to do the same.

Supporters can also visit for information and tools to make their own social messages and purchase t-shirts. All proceeds will be distributed to charities that support stores.

Back The Comeback t-shirt

In July, Diamond International Galleries will launch a Back The Comeback charity auction. Steve Geppi will donate approximately $50,000 to the campaign. Proceeds will directly benefit Book Industry Charitable Foundation, Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The companies will also focus on in-store promotion. Alliance will offer weekly promotions to retailers, while Diamond will partner with publishers to place the Back The Comeback logo on the cover of select comics to emphasize rebuilding. More information on these campaigns will be released in the coming weeks.

“My hope is that Back The Comeback will reassure our retailers that our community is here to support them,” said Geppi. “I am proud to collaborate with industry colleagues on this campaign to spread the word about Back The Comeback so that together, our comeback will be bigger than our setback.”

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