Genius Games Acquires Artana

St. Louis based, Genius Games has acquired Artana, the publisher of Tesla vs. Edison, Einstein, and Lovelace & Babbage.

Genius focuses on games, puzzles and books rooted in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). 

Genius founder and CEO John Coveyou said, “Our Science-focused games have proven a hit in both casual gaming as well as academic and educational settings, and Artana’s varied catalog expands and enhances this appeal. The two companies are a natural fit.”

Genius will retain the Artana brand. Marcus Muller, Co-Founder and President of Artana said, “By leveraging both brands for different strategic sales and marketing initiatives, we can offer compelling value propositions to a wide variety of gamers and educators.”

Coveyou will remain the CEO and primary shareholder. Muller, and his co-founder of Artana, Dirk Knemeyer, will become minority shareholders of the expanded venture. 

Muller and Knemeyer will take supporting roles on a part-time basis. Knemeyer, the primary game designer at Artana, will continue to contribute games to the Artana catalog and serve as a consulting creative director.  Muller will continue as a strategic advisor to Genius as well. 

“We both look forward to helping Genius grow and continue its success moving forward,” said Mr. Knemeyer.

The combined company debuted last week at Gen Con.

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