Gen Con Update

Some recent updates from Gen Con, the largest North American gaming convention.


Organizers announced on Friday that complimentary Wi-Fi will be available throughout the Indiana Convention Center, including the exhibit and event halls, and stadium.

Gen Con have been pressuring Indianapolis to improve the technology available at the Convention Center, even saying it would be a reason for them to relocate. The show and gamers have become more dependent on connected technology for digital tickets, games and more.

Some attendees expressed reservations on social media on what the quality of the connection will be with the number of people it will have to serve.

Home of Tabletop Gaming?

In March, Gen Con filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the phrase, “The Home of Tabletop Gaming.” In the application, the company says their first use of the phrase was in 2013. The application will be published for opposition in July. Barring any dissent, the phrase will be awarded to the convention.

Pop Ups

Gen Con announced in May a plan to host Pop Up events at various game stores across the country during the convention. Attendees will purchase badges that give them access to Gen Con game releases and other exclusives. The organizers have announced the 40 participating stores and opened up registration. The cost is $5.

Guest announcements

Monty Cook and Shanna Germain have been announced at the Industry Guests of Honor. Each will host a seminar event during the convention, and both will participate in an “Uncommon Conversation,” a main stage interview moderated by Tyler Bielman.

Tanya DePass and Steve Kenson will be the 2019 Insights speakers. Each will deliver a short talk in front of convention attendees.

Locus Award-winning and Hugo Award-nominated author Cherie Priest will be the 2019 Author Guest of Honor. Ms. Priest will take part in several events as part of the convention’s Writer’s Symposium program, including book signings and appearances.

More Gen Con TV

Gen Con TV was launched in January as a year-round streaming video program featuring TableTakes, a weekly news show, and Game Night, a live-play show with brothers Mike and Nick Murphy. The shows are streamed live on Twitch and then posted on YouTube.

The channel is expanding with a new show, Fireside, featuring Gen Con owner and Wizards of the Coast founder, Peter Adkison. The interview show will focus on the history of tabletop gaming.

Gen Con TV’s new news show TableTakes features Derek Guder, Emma Larkins, Christian Doyle and Banzai.

“Livestreaming has become a huge driver of the growth of tabletop gaming culture, connecting fans across the world and attracting new audiences by making the hobby more accessible to newcomers,” said Kristen Jensen, Gen Con’s Marketing Manager.

The shows, all times are Pacific.

TableTakes – Fridays 11am
Presented by Gen Con, is a tabletop gaming news and culture talk show, streamed live each Friday from Gen Con’s studio in Seattle. The show is hosted by game designer Emma Larkins (Heartcatchers, …and then we died), actor and director Christian Doyle (Zombie Orpheus Entertainment), Gen Con Senior Event & Program Manager Derek Guder, and geek-culture streaming personality Banzai.

Gen Con News – Tuesdays 4pm
The latest Gen Con news hosted by staff.

New Release Rundown – Fridays at 12:30 pm
In partnership with local game stores, reviews what released this week.

Game NightMondays 5 pm
Weekly live-gaming show with brothers Mike and Nick Murphy, who play a variety of board and card games live on air while interacting with their audience in Twitch chat.

Fireside with Peter Adkison – Wednesdays Noon
Live interview show focused on gaming history, investigating games and movements influential to tabletop gaming’s development. This season, Adkison, the founder of Wizards of the Coast and current Gen Con owner, traces the inception and early years of Magic: The Gathering, featuring interviews with key contributors to the creation, growth, and success of the popular trading-card game.

Disclosure: Gen Con have provided press badges at no cost to Tabletop Wire.

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