Gen Con Partners with Alliance to Bring Convention Pop-Up to Game Stores this August

Gen Con have partnered with Alliance Game Distributors to bring about 40 Gen Con Pop-Up events to local game stores across the United States during their August convention.

Registration for the events will be available for a small fee and include a commemorative badge and an exclusive pin. Attendees will also have the chance to play and order Gen Con game releases before they hit the market.

Information about participating stores, featured games, and attendee registration have not been announced.

“We’re excited to bring the Gen Con experience to more tabletop gaming fans than ever before through our new Pop-Up Gen Con program,” said president David Hoppe. “Local game stores that combine community space with traditional retail are the heart of the hobby, and we’re proud to be a part of that by connecting with gamers nationwide.”

The pilot program will deliver pre-release copies of new games from major publishers to participating stores, giving Pop-Up Gen Con attendees the opportunity to play and pre-order convention-release games before they hit the market. In-store experiences will offer space to play pre-release copies of the featured games, and video content will be streamed live from the Indiana Convention Center.

“Gen Con has been the most influential gaming convention in the world for decades. Many gamers look at attending the show as a bucket-list event,” said Travis Severance, Owner of popular Rochester, NY game store Millennium Games. “Having the opportunity to bring a little taste of that to local customers is a great opportunity and a huge honor. We look forward to an exciting premier year and many more to come.”

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