Geeknson Head Off Brexit Concerns With New EU Plant

This story is part of our 2019 Essen Edition. Our sponsors and producers provided funding for us on Kickstarter to attend Spiel in Essen, Germany.

In an effort to avoid Brexit headaches, Geeknson, the UK-based manufacturer of custom tabletop gaming tables, have opened a new plant in Poland, which is part of the European Union.

“Brexit is so unknown to us,” said Director/Designer Martin Szachniewicz. “We had to let our customers know they can rely on us.”

The company hopes the plant will help them soften the impact of regulation changes caused by the UK’s exit from the EU. Szachniewicz says the plant location will also help with shipping and delivery.

While Geeknson ships their tables worldwide, it provides delivery and setup throughout Europe.

“With delivery, it means our crew is coming with your table to assemble it,” Szachniewicz said. “We have customers in Italy and Eastern Europe. This will be easier and cheaper for our customers to get their tables.”

Geeknson first debuted their tables at Spiel in 2015. This year, they will employ 30 people between the two plants.

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