Games Workshop Posts Best Year Ever

Games Workshop Group CEO Kevin Rountree said the company had its best year in the company’s history. The Warhammer miniatures maker released their annual report today. 

The company reported a pretax profit increase of 9.4% over last year, with revenues climbing 16% to £256.6 million for the year. 

Trade sales rose 29% to £121.5 million, with retail sales up 7.1% to £87.8 million, and online sales up 5.3% to £47.3 million. The company returned £50.3 in dividends, up from £38.7 million last year. 

“Breaking records for three years in a row sets the bar higher and higher and so, to be realistic, I will continue to make no promises that we will continue to grow,” Rountree said in the report.

“That said, I do not see anything significant that will get in the way. We will continue to deliver our operational plan, facing any challenges head on.”

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