GAMA to open European Office

To expand our outreach and service for our European members, GAMA is excited to announce that we have engaged Liesbeth Bos to be our onsite representative in Europe. She will open our first office outside of the United States and work with local members to provide a point of contact for GAMA, coordinate European focused programs and educational opportunities as well as explore additional ways to provide value for the European Hobby Games market.

Liesbeth asked to share the following message with our members:
“I live, with my two kids, near Maastricht in the most beautiful part of the Netherlands.
After studying industrial design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and the University of Wisconsin I became a toy designer. For fun I had invented a game with my dad which got published. But the first “real” boardgame I invented years later; “Capt’n Clever.” It was published immediately. And from that moment on the focus shifted from designing toys to designing games. The world of games is just too much fun!

A few years ago, I decided to move my focus again. As I wanted to stay in the boardgame industry I started a venture in which I want to provide services for publishers. I localize games worldwide, edit rules, do PR, etc.

And now GAMA. I am excited to set up a European office for our members over here. I look forward to starting and meeting you all.”

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